Automotive lighting


In 2016 we became global pioneers offering microstructuring and texturing services by using a femtosecond laser machine in 5 axis.
Femtosecond laser is an ultra-short pulse duration laser and a high precision technology.

There is almost no thermal effect over the material, so this enables the results being absolutely burr-free,  having a clean and sharp microstructuring, very sharp edges and a high-quality surface finishing.

We can obtain microstructuring details of less than 15µm by working over big parts, 3D or flat shapes. Due to this,  we can achieve innovative and ground-breaking possibilities in lighting projects.


As a result of working with a “cold laser” we can create absolutely burr-free microstructures, with tolerances in the range of microns, perfectly defined and with very sharp edges that allow us attain much smaller radius than when using conventional technologies. That is the reason why we can create microstructures with the aim of allowing certain light behavior.

In the field of automotive lighting, some of the objectives pursued with microstructuring or texturing are, among others: light collimation, light scattering, opening light angle, improve homogeneity, increase light intensity, redirect light rays, etc.

Using femtosecond laser lets us achieve finishing repeatability and texturing control without any uncontrolled effects like the burr, which affects the process and the result.


Working with the “cold laser” enables  us to obtain textures and microstructures on PMMA and PC with a level of detail and quality  that was not possible before with the existing technology. Because of this,  we can achieve engraving over lighting prototypes in a much more realistic and functional manner than ever before.

We can engrave any microstructure or texture over PC or PMMA and we can imitate any texture used in the automotive industry (K29, K31, VDI3400, MT, etc.) directly over PMMA prototypes and over any 3D shape.


We use confocal and focus variation microscopes to measure the microstructuring or texturing with the purpose of controling the tolerances and homogeneity. This kind of microscope allows us to control the dimension of what we are engraving (also the depth with tolerances less than 1 micron) and analyze its roughness.

We have our own photometry laboratory to obtain basic measurements that help us know the quality and homogeneity of our textures and microstructures.


Microspheres engraved on steel insert

Microstructure engraved on steel insert

Different roughenss textures directly engraved on PMMA prototype

Texturing from mold for controlled light difussion