General industries

We work over production and prototype molds or tooling, but we also provide research and development services for different industry sectors: among others, automotive industry, aerospace, medical, electronics, appliances, lighting, packaging, etc.


We offer microstructuring, laser texturing and high-quality industrial engraving for mold, tools and prototypes.

Our purpose is to improve the final product of our customer in design and functionality.

Thanks to the technology we have, our know-how and experience on different sectors we are able to collaborate in the creation of new and disruptive products with our customers. The possibilities we offer in mold and tool allow us to improve our customers’ process efficiency by reducing the related costs.


Our technology includes not only the use of the most modern 5 axis laser machines for microstructuring and texturing -femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond, but also more conventional mechanical machines -milling machines equipped with high speed spindles, die-sinking EDM and wire EDM.

We constantly invest in new technologies and R&D to provide high quality, advice capacity and competitiveness to our clients. We have provided services to different sectors of the industry for more than 35 years which has enabled us to obtain a huge and diversified knowledge in the field that translates into high added value solutions for our customers.


Our services are applicable in a huge variety of sectors and to different types of customers: product manufacturer, OEM’s, Tier 1, Tier 2, mold makers, plastic injectors, etc.

We can create microstructuring or functional texturing for different purposes such as hydrophobicity, anti-scratch, friction reduction, light redirection or homogeneous diffusion, among others. We can also engrave high quality design textures with perfect repeatability to differentiate our customer products from others as well as  engrave or microstructure with the best quality at micrometric sizes.

Case Studies

Automotive industry, Land Rover Defender

Medical industry, UPC