At Microrelleus we are specialized in small, high quality industrial engraving. We create logos, numbers or letters in high and low relief for mold or tool over any material: tempered steel, stainless steel, hard metal, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, glass, etc.


We use 3 different technologies for our engraving service: laser (femtosecond and nanosecond), CNC milling machines and die-sinking EDM. We study each project to use the most efficient process in each case.

We have several CNC milling machines, specially designed for the industrial engraving and adapted to our specific needs. We have the ability to create our own tools, due to an acquired know-how along years of experience, and we check them using specific measurement equipment.

The combination with the die-sinking EDM machine allows us to select the optimal solution for every singular project, depending on the different functionality of the engraving.

The 5 axis nanosecond laser gives us flexibility, quality and very high efficiency in engraving for mold and inserts over any 3D or flat surface.

For very difficult and small engraving that require high performance in terms of quality, definition and superficial finishing, we use the 5 axis femtosecond laser. We can achieve micro engraving with narrowest tolerances, and absolutely burr-free. With this technology we can achieve smaller details than 30 µm.


CNC Milling Machine + Die-Sinking EDM for stamping tool

Femtosecond laser engraving over trunk-cone area

CNC milling machine engraving over steel tool

CNC milling machine engraving over copper electrode

Video presentation


Industrial engraving