Design texturing


In 2013 we acquired the first 5 axis laser texturing machine in Spain. It is a new generation machine from the Swiss company GF Machining Solutions, the AgieCharmilles L 1000 5Ax.

The subsidiary company in Spain of GF Machining Solutions, with whom we have a particularly close relationship, has chosen Microrelleus as a reference company to introduce this new laser technology inside Spain and Portugal.

We can texturize molds or parts in 2D or 3D over any kind of surface until 995x550x550mm.


For design texturing we use the 5 axis nanosecond laser.

Laser texturing offers economic, ecological and design advantages compared to the conventional surface treatment using etching processes. It enables individualization of products to an unimaginable level until now. We can create morphing of textures, digressive roughness density and we don’t have limit in terms of design. Our technical team is also capable of editing an actual image of the future workpiece or mold before texturing it, with the desired design (rendering).

How we work

Initial data

Pattern of texture

3D surface

UV mapping



Final part


Progressive depth texture in mold and Surlyn injected part

Different textures over mold and final plastic part

Flexible droppers injected on texturized molds

Texture on mold for a hair brush

Video presentation


Design laser texturing