Functional texturing


The functional texturing is the one that let us change the properties of the material thanks to the micro-nano structure that we can create over the part or over the mold where it will be injected. For this reason we can add some functionality to a product because of the topography we can create with the laser.

We can create superhydrophobic textures, superhydrophilicity, self-cleaning, antibacterial, light diffraction, friction reduction, self-lubricating, light trapping textures, flow improvement, etc. We collaborate with different Technological Centres and Universities to design the textures for the industrial application in our facilities.


We use the femtosecond laser in 5 axis to create these textures. We are able to industrialize what was limited to the laboratory before. We can create functional textures in big surfaces and over flat or 3D shape.

As it is a pioneer process at worldwide scale, we are working on European R&D projects as partners of the consortium and manufacturers of the textures at industrial level, to acquire the required know-how of all the variables that affects this process.


Superhydrophobic texture over plastic part created from mold. Confocal microscope image of the microstructure.

Light diffraction effect over mold and injected plastic part. Confocal microscope image of the nanostructure.

Video presentation


Functional laser texturing