Prototype texturing


Using conventional technologies there is a big problem on manufacturing textures over prototypes, so result is an incomplete prototype, with its shape but without texture.

At Microrelleus we are able to texturize over any material. For example, we create decorative and functional light diffusion textures over transparent PMMA for light prototypes.


Femtosecond laser is ultra-short pulse duration, so it means a cold laser that let us texturize over any material. As the machine is in 5 axis we can work over any shape.

There are unlimited possibilities, both on prototype and final part, overy any material: sapphires, plastic, glass, ceramics, aluminum, Steel, etc.


Micro-milling and decorative light diffusion texture over PMMA prototypes for automotive industry.

SLA 3D plastic printer part and texturing using femtosecond laser for a perfumery cap prototype.