Our advantage

We provide our customers with the most appropriate and latest machinery needed for their different projects. We are global pioneers in using certain technology on an industrial level. For example, we utilize femtosecond laser machine in 5 axis for special engraving, micro-milling and functional texturing service.

However, it is not always the laser that may be the most efficient way to complete all the projects. In some projects we may use more conventional processes like CNC milling machines. The cornerstone of our workmanship is our ability to create our own tools for the best engraving process. Combined with the precision machinery and software, which we personally operate, we have the ability to deliver endless types of engraving on any metal material (copper, steel, tempered steel, aluminum, bronze or brass), especially in small sizes. Our years of experience with die and mold allow us to create appropriate engraving for many kinds of processes, such as stamping or plastic injecting.
What differentiates Microrelleus from other competitors is that we control the 3 technologies of the engraving process: laser (nanosecond and femtosecond), CNC milling machine and die-sinking EDM machine. This gives us a high level of proficiency with extremely small, complex and “difficult” engraving. Combined with our Wire-Cut EDM machine, we are able to deliver full and complete service to our clients.

With more than 30 years of experience, our vast knowledge of the engraving process and the flexibility of our production capabilities, our clients have come to expect and receive the highest quality product with prompt delivery.


Mission and Vision

The mission at Microrelleus is to deliver outstanding industrial engraving, micro milling and high quality texturing that exceeds our clients’ expectations, while doing it in the most cost effective way.

Our Vision is focused on maximizing the added value to our customers by providing solutions to challenging engraving, texturing and micro milling needs, resulting in high-quality end products that let them differentiate from the competition.

The structure of our company, the technology we use and the very qualified personnel we employ ensure enormous flexibility and fast response to the customer.