Perfume industry and luxury packaging


Since the beginning of Microrelleus, luxury packaging and specially perfume industry have been one of the most important sectors for us. The experience having worked on more than one thousand projects related with luxury packaging positions us as a reference in mold and tool engraving in this sector.

We work on stamping tool and on mold: we engrave the logos of the best brands or create and design limitless textures to obtain a high quality and special final product that can be industrialized in an efficient and reliable way. Our flexible structure and our methodology enables us to provide our clients with a very fast response and minimum delivery schedules.


Our technology includes not only the use of the most modern 5 axis laser machines for microstructuring, engraving and texturing - femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond, but also more conventional mechanical machines such as milling machines equipped with high speed spindles, die-sinking EDM and wire EDM.

The combination of the different technologies and our team’s experience provides us with limitless possibilities and allows us to perform the most demanding projects in an efficient and effective way to guarantee the best quality standards for our customers.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance


Engraving on tempered steel for aluminum stamping tool

Sattin ribon texture imitation on mold insert for Nina Ricci L’Extase

Mold insert texturing for Gianfranco Ferre L’Uomo perfume cap

Engraving on tempered steel for aluminum stamping tool