Who we are

By specializing in die, mold and other types of impressions in high and low relief since 1982, family-owned Microrelleus has distinguished itself as a leader in high quality industrial engraving.

In 2013 we diversified our service, opening our range of possibilities with the laser texturing of molds. Since then we continued to research, innovate and create know-how in laser technology. Thanks to our inquisitiveness and the demand of our customers, in 2016 we purchased the first femtosecond laser machine in 5 axis.

With our focus on innovation, working with the most appropriate and modern technology available, our expertise is in advising our clients and manufacturers on the best ways to fulfill their projects, and our success comes from our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our clients’ unique needs.

We use our 35+ years of experience to research, advise and collaborate with our clients, to ensure each and every project is delivered with noticeable impact, high quality and prompt delivery.

At Microrelleus we commit ourselves to working, developing and creating value with the most innovative and appropriate machinery, adapted to our service.

Main Machinery:

5 axis Femtosecond laser machine
5 axis Nanosecond laser machine
Several CNC milling machines complemented with fourth and fifth axis
Die Sinking EDM machine
Wire Cut EDM machine

Complementary Machinery:

Cutter grinder
Hole drilling EDM
Grinding machine
3D Scanner


Confocal microscope
Focus variation microscope
Optic microscope
Profile projector

5 axis femtosegond laser machine


5 axis nanosecond laser machine

Confocal microscope