Case Study: Cupra Tavascan

Microstructure for light homogeneity in tail lenses

1. Customer request and Microrelleus feedback

Cupra explains Microrelleus idea to introduce microstructuring for a new concept of tail lenses. The purpose is to reach light homogeneity from a perpendicular placed light source.

2. Microstructuring concept and prototype texturing

Microrelleus engraves PMMA flat test parts to reach the correct microstructuring for light homogeneity. The goal is to obtain a functional prototype. When the microstructure is decided Microrelleus engraves de final 3D shape prototype.

3. Final product – Cupra Tavascan concept

Femtosecond laser technology allowed Cupra engineers to evolve from uniform lines to uniform surfaces that provide their designs the opportunity to work in three dimensions.